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Give the Gift of a Catholic Education to Your Child

Small New Arrow from St. Bernard’s Alumni – Please click to update your address for the 100th year anniversary of the school building celebration in June of 2015

Here are some photos from the 2013 Children’s Christmas Program.

St. Bernard Catholic School is now accepting registration for 3-year and 4-year old preschool, and Kindergarten through 6th grade for the 2013-2014 school year.

Our Mission
St. Bernard Catholic School is committed to integrating knowledge of the Catholic Faith with the high academic standards producing students who demonstrate virtue, leadership and service and are well prepared for tomorrow’s world.

Our Philosophy
St. Bernard School is an educational Faith Community in which we worship and serve the Lord in an atmosphere of caring and learning.

Our Goals and Objectives
To achieve the maximum potential of each individual, St. Bernard Catholic School strives to reach these goals within our parish school.

  • To strengthen our Faith Community
  • To show love and concern for each other through prayer, worship, and sharing
  • To maintain a creative program of education that is supportive and challenging
  • To provide a continuous learning program to meet children’s needs
  • To develop in each child an appreciation of self and others
  • To help each child view self and others in a positive manner
  • To stimulate and sustain communication and interaction with Staff, Students, Total Parish and Civic Community
  • To foster oral, written and non/verbal communication with Staff

General Information
St. Bernard Catholic School is a parish school that teaches children Preschool, Kindergarten and grades one through six. Our school is located in Cologne, Minnesota, and was founded in 1876. Under the guidance of the school’s first teacher, Peter Wirtz, a combined school and convent were built in 1880 and were staffed by the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Our current principal is Sr. Jancy Nedumkallel, FCC (Franciscan Clarist Congregation). For more information about the school history, enrollment or any other information, please contact us at the address or phone number above.